Mego at Galaxy Con this weekend

Getting set up at GalaxyCon Raleigh! Please stop by, check out the booth (#500) and talk Mego! GalaxyCon Raleigh is a 4-day event at the Raleigh Convention Center (July 27-30, 2023).

We have some really great items with us, including the 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super-Heroes and a wide array of vintage Mego figures too! Get your picture as a Mego Star Trek action figure with our life-sized Mego Star Trek card! Our panel is at 4:15 on Friday in panel room 2 (301B)! #MakeMineMego

Editor’s Note: If you can’t make the con to buy them live, visit

Mego Corp at Galaxy Con
Meet Marty Abrams at Mego Meet/ POWER CON this August 11-13 in Columbus OH

Mall of Justice,” is almost here , I once again plead with you for submissions. I want to share your photos and stories if you met He-Man at Toys R Us or Captain America at a Car wash. It doesn’t matter if “Chewbacca” was a guy wearing loafers in a gorilla mask; that’s a bonus!

Send your stories and photos to, and I’ll do my best to include them in the publication.

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