Mego Wave 7 Announced!

As if we didn’t get enough good news at Mego Meet, we’ve just recieved word that License 2 Play has let the cat out of the bag with regards to Wave 7 from Mego Corp and it’s going to make a lot of people happy this August 15th.

You can Pre-Order Wave 7 at Entertainment Earth right now.


8″- It Pennywise the Clown

8″ Freddy Kruger- Nightmare on Elm Street

8″ Headless Horseman

8″ Phantom of the Opera

8″ Egyptian Mummy

Star Trek-

8″ Strar Trek 2- Admiral Kirk

8″ Star Trek 2- Captain Spock

8″ Star Trek 2- Khan!


Movies Assortment:

8″- Rocky Balboa

8″ Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)

8″ Legolas (Lord of the Rings)


8″ Elvis (Black Leather)

8″ KISS Catman (Love Gun)

8″ KISS Spaceman (Love Gun)


14″ Assortment:


Black Adam


Dracula – Lugosi


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