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There are many different kinds of Mego Collectors. Many are sticklers for all orginal parts and accessories and are willing to pay the price with cash or patience. Others are happy to outfit their loose Megos with affordable reproductions. It's important that both sellers and buyers know the difference between originals and repros and that they be labeled upfront and honestly. Buying an allegedly original Mego only to find it's outfitted with repros can be a frustrating experience. This guide attempts to describe the original accessories and track known reproduction parts. The focus is on accessories, variations of accessories and FACTORY made reproductions of accessories. There are many hand casted and home made reproduction parts out there. They are too numerous to catalog and address, but most are easy to identify. Clothes and heads are addressed in this section only if factory made substitutions are available.

Special thanks to Paul "Doc Mego" Clarke ( and Joe DeRouen ( for providing the reproduction parts we photographed for this section.