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Mego Aquaman VS the Great White Shark Playset

If you are a true child of the Seventies,
it shouldn't take you long to figure out what movie inspired this playset,three guesses.

The shark itself has a jaw that would close if it bumped into something with it's battery powered propeller. The Aquaman figure is a standard type two mego figure.

The biggest question for this playset is why? Aquaman would never be afraid of a shark, he commands them! As well, a fully clothed mego is hardly an ideal tub toy although it wouldn't matter to a seven year old.

For something that was spotted on clearance aisles in abundance, the Aquaman playset is one of the hardest to find, a boxed edition can set you back thousands. The shark however is rather generic and probably could be found cheaply, so keep checking those boxes below dealers tables!

 Mego Aquaman VS the Great White Shark Box

New the Museum is the Boxed version of the Great White Shark playset (thanks to Dan for the photos)

Notice how Aquaman is tucked away in there, very dynamic

Aquaman and Shark were packaged in a dynamic postion, very cool.

beautiful Mego artwork shows a pumped up Aquaman fighting his enemy

I am absolutely in love with this artwork!

the rarely seen back of the box for this rare mego playset

The Shark's instructions take up the back of the box and are rarely seen.

Original Catalog pages, repro artbook pages and comic book ads for the launch of the Aquaman and Great White Shark playset, click on them for a larger view