The Hall of Justice

 The Batcave

 The Wayne Foundation

 The Batmobile and Batcopter

 The Batlab and Jokermobile


 The Batcycle



The Mego Wayne Foundation.

Packaging Art by Neal Adams.

This might take a minute to download, but trust me, we need a big picture for this BIG playset. A very rare item , the Wayne Foundation comes with a working elevator to help you traverse four floors of fun. This will be the Crown Jewel of your Mego Batman Collection until you get your Secret Identities.

This playset was designed by DC Comics and it shows in it's attention to bat detail. From the Giant Penny and Dinosaur on Level two to a cameo by Batmite, this is the best Batman playset ever produced. The elevator doesn't work very well but who cares?

Robin shows off the Bookcase's secret compartments.

We now know this classic artowrk is by Neal Adams and wow, is it sweet. Note the appearance of Joker, Riddler, Lex Luthor and One of the Metal Men (!) I seriously doubt Mego ever planned figures of the Metal Men. The center picture of Superman was used Earlier on the Comic Action Heroes Fortess of Solitude playset, Hawkeye has been replaced with the more logical Green Arrow.(see pic below)

Original Catalog pages and Mego repro art ads for the launch of the Mego Wayne Foundation, click on them for a larger view