Mego Pocket Super Heroes are also known as pocket heroes

The Mego Pocket Heroes were released in 1979 after the Mego Comic Action Heroes Series. The figure's bodies are similar, but the Pockets have straight legs and in some cases straight arms. They still lack facial paint for the most part.The body and card style was used by Mego for other lines including Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the Greatest American Hero and the Love Boat


Scans provided by Scott Arendson

the backer for the red DC Pocket Hero cards suggests they were planning to release more figures than they eventually did, causing confusion among collectorsthe Backer for the White Marvel Cards

The red card backer and 1979 catalog promised Shazam, Penguin and Joker but they were never produced!

Figures included: Batman, Robin, Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, Green Goblin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Captain America, and Lex Luthor, General Zod, and Jor-El in a loose tie-in to the Superman Movie.


The figures came on three varieties of Mego cards : Red, White, and a "denim card" (not pictured) which had a blue jean "pocket" background and different (very cool) hero art. . For more pictures of carded Pocket Heroes click here.

Newspaper clippings of Mego Pocket Hero ads courtesy of Kolin Erb
Kolin Erb provides us with some very cool clippings from the paper way back when, $1.66? I wish......

click here to see the carded mego Pocket Heroes Gallery

click here to see the carded Pocket Heroes GalleryClick here to see the carded Pocket Heroes Gallery

Here is the Mego Marvel line up, Cap , The early version of Spider-man (note the arms are comic action hero arms) and Green Goblin

Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Superman. Wonder Woman is a completely resculpted figure, her top no longer is removable like her CAH counterpart.

Zod, Jor El and Lex Luthor were released only in the first wave and were poor sellers.

Many foreign countires produced knockoffs of the pocket heroes

Pocket Heroes even got knock offs! These recent discoveries from Argentina show that the Pocket Super Heroes were popular around the world. For more Mego Knockoffs check out Knocked off Mego

Mego Pocket Hero Playsets

Click here for Pocket Superhero playsets such as the Batcave

click here for pics of the boxed Spidercar, batmobile and Shuttle vehicles

Mego Pocket Hero Vehicles


Original Catalog pages, Mego ads, comic book ads and order forms for the Mego Pocket Superheroes, click on them for a larger view

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