Mego Comic Action Heroes

In 1976 Mego debuted the Comic Action Heroes, Mego was looking for a way to captilize on the success of their entirely successful Worlds Greatest Superhero line. Mego decided that series of playsets and vehicles and "pocket sized" figures would augment the license without as Neal Kublan put it "pirating sales from the core (ie 8" Superhero) business". According to Mr Kublan, the line saold "Good, not great" but it should be made known that from it's 1976 debut, Mego produced a 3 3/4" Superhero line until it's demise in 1982.

This close up pic of the 1976 prototype Comic Action Heroes shows some detailed, hand painted features, VERY nice! (scan courtesy of WRM)

The figures themselves are otenf considered crude by today's standards, their bodies are crouching (no doubt to help them get into their vehicles) and there is a lack of facial paints. However it should be noted that the Comic Action Heroes is the first licensed 3 3/4" line ever, so it truly is an innovative creation that most likely inspired others. The body style (including the orange stands) was also used for Mego's CB Mchaul line of Action Figures.

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The average retail on these were $9.99 for the large sets, while the individual figures averaged $0.99 a piece.

The Comic Action Heroes launched in 1976 and Mego offered some new product in '77 (only the Batcopter was produced). By 1978, Comic Action Heroes were reduced to two offerings Spidercar and Batmobile Giftsets with figures. The line was distributed in Canada by Grand Toys, MC toys handled the line in Germanyand in the UK by Denys Fisher each company made creative changes to the line's packaging. For more information on this consult the Carded Comic Action Gallery By 1978, the line was revamped as the Pocket Superheroes but they have their own gallery.....

Batman, Robin, Penguin, Captain America, Green Goblin and Spidey photos courtesy Andrew Murray

12 Figures in the Line: Batman, Robin, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Joker, Penguin, and Green Goblin. Joker came with a cane, Penguin an umbrella, Wonder Woman a lasso, Batman and Robin with Batropes (identical to the ones pictured in Pocket Heroes) and Cap had a sheild. The rest came without accessories, but all had a hole in the fist that makes them look like they need something.

Longtime collector Roberto pointed out this variant. Early Wonder woman figures (The one on the right) had a very crude almost Man-like head sculpt! These figures only appeared on the blank cards and were quickly replaced by the more feminine headsculpt on the left (photo also courtesy of Roberto)

8" Mego never got the luxury of such nice accessories, Joker's Cane, Wonder Woman's Lasso, Batman (and Robins) Batrope and of course, the Penguin's umbrella.

In addition, there were a number of playsets produced.

Original Catalog pages, Mego ads, comic book ads and order forms for the Mego Comic Action Hero Playsets, click on them for a larger view

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