Space: 1999 Mego Gallery

Mego Space:1999 INTRO Captain Koenig Paul Morrow Alan Carter Captain Zantor Mysterious Alien Space: 1999 was a Gerry Anderson produced series meant to capture the popularity of Star Trek , at the time it’s budgets were the largest known for television. The philosphical first season was revamped for an action packed more Americanized second season before it went off the air in 1977. Lucky UK kids got this great Mego line distributed by Palitoy. Unlucky children everywhere else in the world got an inferior series of dolls produced by Mattel. Mego’s (lion Rock) European sales agent procured the rights for the series and produced the dolls exclusively for Palitoy, similiar deals have been done for lines such as Mego Doctor Who   for Denys Fisher and the Palitoy Zorro doll. As a whole the line is one of megos best works, oddly enough it ignores two of the first seasons principle leads (Barry Morse and Barbara Bain) which makes me think Palitoy thought it would be better to release two aliens over a woman and an old man. Similiar thinking happend when Palitoy released the Mego Star Trek line, there is no Uhura. Mego Paul Morrow , Captain Koening, Captain […] Source: galleries