Starsky & Hutch Mego Gallery

Starsky & Hutch Menu Introduction Starsky Hutch Captain Doby Chopper Torino Car If you have it, go get your Mego Commercials tape #1 and cue up the S&H spots and crank the soundtrack thru your stereo. One of these days I may actually add some annoying sound loops to this site for the sole purpose of making sure that funky bass song accompanies this page. While you’re at the commercials, watch and enjoy again the kids JUMPING OFF buildings to jump the badguys just like their TV heroes! Oh, those were the good old days. In 1978, Mego released this line based on the hit TV show with a blonde and brunette detective team. Sold quite well. I will confess disinterest in them, but as always, a few hours playing with them on the computer has made me a believer. Original Reproduction Artwork of the Mego Starsky and Hutch Crew. I think the added thrill is seeing a mint set all posed together. Toss in the Ford Torino? Suddenly, this looks fun. But let’s also investigate the players individually and get to know them up close and personal, shall we? First, the SUPERFLY Huggy-Bear models the Starsky and Hutch Card […] Source: galleries