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Vintage Mego: 12″ Spider-Man

Vintage Mego returns with a look at one of Mego’s favourite subjects, the Amazing Spider-Man. This time we look at the exciting development of the 12″ figure and its many iterations and variants. New to the channel? Subscribe! ►https://bit.ly/3D3zxJK #mego #megomuseum #spiderman Issue 7 of Toy-Ventures Magazine is now available: http://www.plaidstallions.com/reboot/shop For more on the…

Vintage Mego: Pocket Superheroes Bat Machine

This week’s installment talks about 1980 and Mego ventures into electronics with the launch of the Pocket Superheroes Bat Machine and Spider-Machines. We talk a bit about how electronic games hurt Mego more than passing on Star Wars and their partners in Mexico Ensueno toys. Visit our Forum at: https://www.megomuseum.com/community Mego Mania is the largest…

Vintage Mego: Marvel Shuttles

This week we talk about the strange Mego Pocket Superheroes vehicles that began appearing in Toys R Us Stores in the early 1980s. Check out the Mego Pocket Superhero Galleries here. https://www.megomuseum.com/galleries/pocket-heroes/ This video was created by Brain Heiler (@plaidstallions) Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwYta3nz_7FAzPvP8FPSgpg?view_as=subscriber Our facebook group is MegoMania: https://www.facebook.com/groups/megomania/