Discovered! The Spider-Man Exploding Tower Playset Artwork by Neal Adams


Proposed for the 1977 Toy Buying Season, the Mego Comic Action Heroes Spider-Man exploding tower playset was the one that got away, as a lack of overal buyer interest would have Mego scrap the concept and it would never see production. It even made our recent video of Cancelled Mego Superhero items:



Now, thanks to the generosity of collector Rich Cirillo we get another amazing look at what the packaging might have looked like, and wouldn’t you know it, was a Neal Adams design, just like the other Comic Action Heroes sets.

Here we can see the different panels for what would have been the only deluxe playset to feature the Marvel Heroes (I don’t count The Mangler as a playset)

Love seeing that dynamic shot of Spider-Man in the vehicle.

It’s not really a big surprise that the Green Goblin was the baddie in this set, he’s the only Marvel villain in the Comic Action Heroes!

I could stare at this Goblin all day long.

Like all Comic Action Heroes sets, the last panel on the box would feature our hero carting the villain off to jail in Spider-Man’s case, Gobby would be tangled in his web trap!

It is somewhat believed that the final painted art for this set was delivered to Mego, although it has not been seen since 1977, one can only hope it surfaces.

We’d like to thank Rich Cirillo for sharing this incredible piece of Mego history.

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