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Who is Prank ‘N Stein? – Toy-Ventures

Who is Prank 'N Stein? - Toy-Ventures

Issue 12 Toy-Ventures magazine delves deep into a toy that, sadly, never was. Prank ‘N Stein was a 90s toy concept by Canada’s Irwin Toys that would have rivalled Kenner’s Hugo Man of a Thousand Faces in our monster kid hearts. Read about Prank ‘N Stein and much more in issue 12 of Toy-Ventures Magazine,…

Toy-Ventures Magazine Issue 12 Cover and Prize Reveal

Toy-Ventures Issue 12

Good News! Issue 12 of Toy-Ventures magazine is now available for pre-order. This issue celebrates Stretch Monster with a deluxe gatefold cover by Mr. Peter Carsillo (the Cover artist for Issue 10). Articles include: Order Early and get an Infl8able Monster at no extra charge (while supplies last.)  Order Issue 12 of Toy-Ventures Here Subscribe…

Impressive Offering of Vintage Mego @Hakes Auction

Rare Mego at Hake's Auctions Black Hole Humanoid

Hake’s Premier Spring auction is now open for bidding and we wanted to spotlight some of the incredible Vintage Mego in this offering. Get in on all the auction action at hakes.com! Black Hole Humanoid on Grand Toys Card. POPY MEGO KEN OWASHI GATCHAMAN IN BOX. A complete set of Mego Planet of the Apes…

Toy-Ventures: Mego Meet @Power-Con Recap!

Toy-Ventures: Mego Meet @ Power-Con Recap

Toy-Ventures covers last week’s Mego Meet, which was a show within a show at Power-Con! We talk about the latest Marvel comics news from Mego Corp, take a look at the show floor and then I share my haul, which was pretty incredible. Check out the PlaidStallions store for Toy-Ventures magazine, Tura Satana and much…

Mego Planet of the Apes TV Commercials Restored

Mego Planet of the Apes Commercials from Toy-Ventures Magazine

In case you missed the Toy-Ventures live stream, here is the newly restored Mego Planet of the Apes commercials on YouTube. These TV cuts haven’t been available for 49 (ugh!) years and are now in high definition; enjoy! Toy-Ventures Magazine presents the first time in 49 years, the original Mego Planet of the Apes toy…

Help Rescue Palitoy’s Lost TV Adverts

Palitoy Star Trek

The Palitoy collecting community has a very unique opportunity to come together and help rescue more than 100 lost Palitoy television advertisements. Currently there is an Action Man enthusiast who is in possession of 3 rolls of original 35mm film prints that contain 103 Palitoy TV adverts from the 1970s and these advertisements feature many…

Vintage Mego: Planet of the Apes Treehouse

Mego Planet of the Apes

Vintage Mego looks at what was likely the best selling Mego Playset of all time, the Planet of the Apes treehouse. What’s ironic is, it wasn’t originally even made for the apes. Learn how Mego took a bit of good fortune in one of the movies into sales gold. New to the channel? Subscribe! ►https://bit.ly/3D3zxJK…

Vintage Mego: Origins of Mego Apes

  Vintage Mego this week is all about the insider scoop on how Mego secured the Planet of the Apes licensed, the hottest selling toys for Christmas 1974. Including a glimpse at the original hand made prototypes that still exist in a private collection.

SDCC: NECA 8″ Taylor from Planet of the Apes

In a move that will prove very popular NECA announced an 8″ Retro Planet of the Apes figure line by unveiling the one character every Mego Apes fan doesn’t have, Col. George Taylor. If that weren’t enough, he’s got a nice bag of goodies too!