The Lost Mego Star Trek Playset

Saving the best for the very last, we at the Megomuseum are proud to unveil this never before seen Mego playset, the Star Trek Bridge 2.0! Not only do we have a little history behind it, for 1977 the Mego R&D crew were attempting to create more detailed playsets for Star Trek, when costing came back too high on this beauty, Vinny Baiera mentioned that they then began doing the Star Trek series in the Comic Action Heroes scale.

Hopefully, someday, some images of those surface but for now, let’s take a more detailed look at this beauty.

It seems Mr Spock has fallen ill and is brought up to the Sick Bay wing via the elevator, this all seems well and good but wait, why does Scotty have a red phaser?

Wait, if that’s Scotty on the newer, more accurate helm of the Enterprise, who is in the Sickbay? is it a Klingon spy? Didn’t Mego R&D have a McCoy hanging around? I guess we’ll never know.

This concludes the MegoMuseum Lost Archive presentation, we hope you as Mego fans will join us in thanking Mr Vinny Baiera for his wonderful generosity in sharing these incredible treasures with us. I don’t know about you but my inner seven year old is hysterically happy to see these long forgotten items finally surface.