Up Close: Removable Cowl 1966 Batman by Figures Toy Company

Batman 1966 Removable Cowl Adam West Figure

Batman 1966 Removable Cowl Adam West Figure

The last wave of 1966 Batman figures by Figures Toy Company were met with a flurry of interest but the spotlight most definitely belonged to Batgirl and Barbara Gordon, hardly anyone spoke of the latest Batman variant that was also in the wave.

That’s a bit of shame because it’s a Removable Cowl Batman, something that almost every toy company with a “Mego Like” Brand has attempted to replicate over the years and well, it’s not always been entirely successful (eh Hasbro?) so a better look at this figure is definitely in order.


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Mego Toy Convention June 18 2016

Mego Meet is this June, the worlds’ biggest Mego based toy show.

That being said, like all Mego Museum Up Close Photo Reviews, the real proof is the photos, take a look for yourself and see!



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