Up Close: Scarecrow from Figures Toy Company

Mego Batman Scarecrow

Mego Museum Photo Review of the Scarecrow

While reproductions are fine and all, we here at the Mego Museum are always more excited when a new ReMego character is produced. Especially when it’s a character like the Scarecrow, this bat villain has been long overdue for the Mego treatment and Figures Toy Company has made it happen in 2016.

Released as the 3rd wave of their Kresge style Superhero series, Scarecrow is one of the more eagerly anticipated figures in the Batman pantheon. I must admit to making my own in 1978 out of cardboard and old Action Jackson clothes, without too much bias, I can say this one is better.

So, as with all of our “Mego Museum Up Close” features, we let the pictures do the talking.

Like what you see? You can order him at our Sponsor Entertainment Earth right now.


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