Up Close: ThinkGeek Captain America Exclusive

MegoMuseum ThinkGeek Review of the Captain America Set

Mego Museum Reviews the ThinkGeek Captain America Set

We love a surprise here at the Mego Museum, so when the announcement broke last week that Think Geek was offering a variant Captain America ReMego set (crafted by Diamond Select Toys and EMCE) well, we were all over that!

This set is different in many ways to last year’s Captain America Set (Still Available at EE!), let’s break it down because honestly, I had to have somebody explain it to me:

  • The “Retro” Cap is a Golden Age variation on the original WGSH Mego Captain America. It’s not repainted, it’s re-sculpted.
  • The “Secret ID” portion this time is Steve Rogers as a police Officer, which was a story arc during the mid 1970s.
  • The Modern twist this time is Steve Rogers Super Solider, the costume also closely resembles worn in “The Winter Soldier” film. A clear shield is included in what can only be a nod to the awesome Reb Brown movies.


Some notes on the set itself:

  • Squishy heads again! Yay!
  • The Police hat is permanently affixed on the Officer Steve, there may be a way to remove it but we don’t plan to.
  • This set doesn’t include a booklet like the others but that’s probably not a deal breaker.

Like all reviews here, we let the photos do the talking and you do the deciding whether this set is for you or not. The set is available only at ThinkGeek.