Up Close: THOR Comprehensive Photo Review



Thor, the God of Thunder is the fourth in a series of ReMego Marvel comics sets from Diamond Select and EMCE Toys. Unlike the previous release of Wolverine, Thor is a classic World’s Greatest Superheroes member and the formula of Mego Reproduction, Secret Identity and Modern Interpretation are in play here. Thor is a pretty pricey WGSH to find boxed on the secondary market so that bodes well here.



Before we roll out the photo review, two things we want to mention in an effort to be objective:

1) There is a slight issue with placing the modern Thor’s head onto a body, it took a little finesse and are positive it can be improved with another technique.

2) For the photos of the other two figures, we used an EMCE swivel arm body, not included with this set that can be ordered here. Everything else was included in the set.

3) It was refreshing to see that no glue was used to secure the reproduction window box this time, no hair dryer needed just pop it right out.

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