Vintage Toy Store Photo Showcases the rarest Mego Superhero

Vintage Toy Store Shot in Australia

Our friend Eddy Berst uncovered another spectacular piece of Mego history from Australia. This is a shot of Toy World, an Australian toy shop in 1979.

Now the easy to spot Mego is the 12″ Superman, it’s sat right next to Remco’s Energized Spider-Man but that is not what we’re talking about, no, the real rarity is off to the side.

Off to the right, right above Mego Spider-Man and next to a pile of denim carded Pocket Superheroes is the incredibly elusive WGSH Carded 8″ Wonder Woman. This figure was only sold in Australia on this card back and is usually the one figure most carded WGSH collectors need.


Thank you Eddy for sharing this wonderful piece of Mego collecting history today!


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