Wonder Woman

As the female part of DC’s “Trinity” of heroes, the Amazon Princess was a no-brainer for Mego. Wonder Woman was released as part of the 1974 Supergals assortment. Like all the Supergals, the initial release was comprised of an entirely silk screened outfit in an effort to rush the figures to stores for Christmas. The Mego Supergals wave was released in their own store counter display box, very few survived.

Tooling was provided later for Wonder Woman’s red boots, her sole accessory. Mego also created a figure of Wonder Woman’s little sister Wondergirl for the Teen Titans line in 1977.



A side by side comparison of the different types of Wonder Woman outfits.(courtesy of Tom)

Window Boxes

Wonder Woman in her Window box is the most economical way to find a packaged figure. The clip art used for the back appeared in a great deal of merchandise during the early seventies. (Photo Courtesy of Tom)

Kresge Card

Wonder Woman is one of the more commonly found Supergal Kresge cards but that doesn’t cut you a break price wise. (Photo courtesy of Tom)

The Mysterious ‘Australian’ 1977 Card

Wonder Woman was cut from the US assortment in 1976 and was replaced by Isis the logic behind that seemed to be that Mego was marketing Wonder Woman as a 12″ Fashion doll to correspond with the Linda Carter TV series. Foreign markets such as France and Australia received Wonder Woman in their assortments most likely because they didn’t know Isis was. The above carded Wonder Woman is the only known example in the world. (Photo courtesy of the John Bonavita Mego Archive)

it’s interesting to note that the above figure is yet again, another variant. Note it’s use of the straight arm  and the subtle differences in the outfit and head. Loose examples of this figure often turn up in France.

Lili Ledy Mexico

Mexican “Marvila” by Lili Ledy (Mego’s Mexican licensor) shows a different approach taken to create the 8″ figure. Ledy also released a 12″ Wonder Woman as well. Pics from Foreign Mego Archive

Mego Museum Accessory CheckMego Museum Accessory Check: Identify original and repro parts.


Loose Wonder Woman



Wonder Woman doesn’t need the boots to be complete, she came without them as well. Doctor Mego makes the only factory made reproductions of her boots. They are a touch shorter, a little thicker in material and a little more glossy than originals. They are stamped DM on the bottom.

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