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The Mego Fonzie Prototype


Thanks to super collector Mark Huckabone we have another glimpse into the inner workings of the Mego toy corporation. This rare early vinyl test head reveals an early rejected head sculpt for Arthur Fonzerelli AKA “The Fonz” from the Mego Happy Days line. Found at the home of a former Mego employee, this early head…

Cylon Sneak Peak

The good folks at BifBangPow! have given us a New Years treat on their blog, the first peak at their Battlestar Galactica line with this shot of the upcoming Cylon figure. Happy New Year indeed!

Hakes Auction #204 delivers Mego Magic

Prototype 12 Inch Superman The good folks at Hake’s Americana have really outdone themselves with their current slate of auctions which include an unprecendented amount of rare carded  Mego Superheroes from the Benjamin Holcolmb collection . The show stopper this time around however would be the Mego 12″ Superman prototype from the Parkdale Novelty archives. Kresge Carded…

A tale of three Ralphs

  Thanks to good our friends at Heroes West Coast, we have what is generally referred to as an embarrassment of riches. Not one but three different stage Ralph Hinkley action figures, two early prototypes and a finished, carded production figure. I don’t know about you but I’d have gone nuts if I saw this in…

Greatest American Discovery

  Another terrific discovery this year provided by our friends at Heroes West Coast, this is a carded Bill Maxwell sales sample recently purchased from a former department store toy buyer. The sample gives great indication as to what the finished product would have looked like. A close up of the figure, note it’s differences…

The Lost Mego Star Trek Playset

Todays Update: The Star Trek Enterprise Playset. Saving the best for the very last, we at the Megomuseum are proud to unveil this never before seen Mego playset, the Star Trek Bridge 2.0! Not only do we have a little history behind it, for 1977 the Mego R&D crew were attempting to create more detailed…

Lost Mego Archives Found

Coming Summer 2010 to the Mego Museum: Newly uncovered images of Mego items straight from the original R&D department including several never before seen prototypes. You only thought you’d seen it all…. The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

Mego Greatest American Hero Gallery Updates

Today we’ve got an indepth look at a Ralph Hinkley production sample figure from the Greatest American Hero line of toys. What makes this one different is that he’s an earlier production sample, lots of big pictures and history about this neat figure. Mego Museum Greatest American Hero Gallery The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

Mego of the Day: The Ewing Family

That’s right, Mego of the Day is unproduced series of figures based on the television series “Dallas” if you look closely you can see that the Ewings were simply kitbashed from other toylines including Star Wars and Indiana Jones! I smell custom fodder….. The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

The Mego Doctor Zaius Prototype

We end our week of never before seen shots of the original hand made Mego production prototypes of the Planet of the Apes figures with the big guy himself, Dr. Zaius. Thanks for reading! Click Here to see the original Prototype Dr. Zaius figure by Mego. The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset