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Mego Reveals at UK ToyFair!

Thanks to our new friend Neil Kenny at the Blast Process Channel (You should subscribe!) we’ve got some images from UK ToyFair and some surprises from the Mego booth including new monsters and a certain Queen. Very interesting!

Mego BW Creature from the Black Lagoon Reveal

Mego Creature from the Black Lagoon

As part of the Wal-Mart “Happy New Fear” promotion Mego is releasing an exclusive 8″ Black and White Creature from the Lagoon in a window box. Photos are below. For a list of participating Happy New Fear Wal-Mart locations, click here.

Mego Happy New Fear Store Locator

Mego Wal-Mart Happy New Fear

Mego Happy New Fear Wal-Mart Store Locator- Killer KlownsWal-Mart and Mego Corp are teaming up this Winter for a promotion called “Happy New Fear,” which will feature some exclusive items such as window boxed Mego Figures and exclusive Two-Packs. These Happy New Fear End Caps will be in the electronics section of 1200 participating Wal-Mart…

Vintage Mego: The 12″ Black Hole Line

Vintage Mego 12" Black Hole

Vintage Mego this week goes in, through, and beyond Mego’s relationship with Disney’s 1979 Science Fiction blockbuster, The Black Hole! This episode explicitly discusses the 12″ Mego line of action figures based on the Black Hole characters, considered one of Mego’s biggest failures. Why did it fail? We give you a breakdown while discussing its…

Topps Mego Beneath the Planet of the Apes Mutant and Brent

Mego Topps Planet of the Apes

“Earth’s final battle is about to begin – Beneath the atomic rubble of what was once the city of New York!” Mego proudly presents The Planet of the Apes Mutant Leader 8” action figure! “Behold the truth that abides in us. Reveal that truth unto that Maker.” “The bizarre world you met in ‘Planet of…

Topps Mego Monday: Green Arrow and Ra’s Al Ghul

Mego Topps Green Arrow

Topps Mego Monday: Green Arrow and Ra’s Al GhulTopps Mego Monday: Green Arrow and Ra’s Al Ghul Ra’s Al Ghul – DC 8” Action Figure Rising from the Lazarus Pits, is taking his quest for ultimate world domination to the Megoverse for the first time ever! “Each bath in the Lazarus Pits leaves me reborn…

Mego 14″ Shazam: Mint Off Card Review

Mego Museum Mint Off Card returns with another advance look at Wave 13, this time it’s the 14″ Shazam figure from DC Comics. Fans have been eagerly waiting almost 2 years for the Big Red Cheese. Was he worth the wait? You tell us! You can Order the new Mego figures here Check out all…

Mego Robin : (Mint Off Card Reviews)

Mego wave 13 previews continue with this look at Robin from the DC Comics Superheroes line. This highly anticipated figure is a straight up updating of the classic Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes figure. You can Order the new Mego figures here: https://www.entertainmentearth.com/s/mego/c?id=ME-002202116 Check out all the Wave 13 figures at the Mego Museum: http://www.megomuseum.com/megocorp/ MegoMuseum…