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Vintage Mego: Origins of Mego Apes

  Vintage Mego this week is all about the insider scoop on how Mego secured the Planet of the Apes licensed, the hottest selling toys for Christmas 1974. Including a glimpse at the original hand made prototypes that still exist in a private collection.

Vintage Mego: Star Trek Movie Aliens

Seeing as it’s the 40th anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture let’s take a look at the tough to find and under-appreciated line of second series characters from Mego’s toy line. Visit us online at: Follow us on Twitter: @MegoMuseum Mego Museum Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheMegoMuseum/ Mego Mania Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/megomania/

Cancelled Mego Star Trek: Vintage Mego

mego star trek

We all know that Mego’s Star Trek line may contain the best-loved and iconic Toys produced for the brand but this installment of vintage Mego looks at the items that didn’t make it to the marketplace such Vulcan Explorers, additional aliens and playsets will just haunt you. Special thanks to Vinnie Baiera, Robyn Adams and…

Mego Wal-Mart Store Locator

Mego Wal-MArt Store Locator

Mego action figures are coming to Wal-Mart stores this month and thanks to our friends at Mego Corp we have details of the roll-out and every store you’ll be able to find some eight-inch characters in the adult collectibles section.  Wal-Mart stores will be receiving figures from Wave 7. Some will be receiving Assortment 1…

Vintage Mego: Zorro by Palitoy Bradgate

  Vintage Mego this week explores a figure that is on a lot of collector’s want lists, from 1978 we present the Zorro figure made for the UK market by Palitoy Bradgate. We have a lot more questions than answers but that is part of the fun of collecting Mego! Check out the Mego Zorro…

Vintage Mego: Star Trek Transporter Room by Palitoy

This week’s Vintage Mego segment looks at the UK exclusive Star Trek Transporter Room toy, we also talk about Palitoy Bradgate’s relationship with the product and pontificate about why the toy was released in this fashion. This video was created by Brain Heiler (@plaidstallions) Visit the Mego Museum Buck Rogers Galleries: Buck Rogers 3 3/4″…

An Interview with Marty Abrams Part 1

We here at the Mego Museum were excited to find this vintage toy industry publication interview with then Mego President Marty Abrams. This 1974 piece gets Abram’s opinions on the Toy Industry, Licensing and his vision of the future – specifically his then red hot Planet of the Apes license. Part two will follow next…