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Own the Phantom of the Paradise’s Mego Collection

William Finley Mego Collection- Phantom of the Paradise actor toy collector

William Finley was an actor who worked in classic genre pictures such as “Silent Rage,” “The Funhouse,” and “Sisters.” However, he is perhaps best remembered as the disfigured composer Winslow Leach in Brian DePalma’s “Phantom of the Paradise.” Finley was also a toy collector, and since he sadly left this plane in 2012, his eclectic…

Mego Reveals Star Trek Andorian & Talosian

Mego Star Trek Reveals

In their latest live stream, Mego Corp. revealed some upcoming Star Trek TOS figures in the form of the Andorian and the Talosion. Both characters were released in the original Mego Star Trek Aliens line. However, Mego is not releasing copies of the originals but updating the designs to be more series accurate. This means,…

Vintage Mego Coupons and Sales!

Vintage Mego Coupons- The Mego Museum Blog

Vintage Mego CouponsStock up and save! We found these two blasts from the past ads from the mid-1970s and the hey day of the Mego Corporation. Above is a series of Mego Specific coupons featuring Star Trek and the World’s Greatest Superheroes. Rounding out the set of deals is the Ideal Toys Derry Daring toy.…

Weird Bootleg Mego Vending Machine Stickers

Mego Bootleg vending machine stickers

l Recently on an episode of Toy Ventures, we looked at a book containing a child’s sticker book from the mid-1970s. Among these were an oddity known to some collectors, these strange bootleg stickers of Mego Figures from Star Trek and Planet of the Apes. These full-figure stickers are about six inches tall and, like…

8 Pages of Mego from the ’75 Wards Christmas Catalog

Mego in 75 wards catalog megomuseum

1975 was a tremendous year for Mego, and one of their best partners was the now sadly defunct Montgomery Ward chain of Department stores. Mego created many an exclusive figure for MW in the 70s, and in 1975, the wishbook featured 8 pages of Mego goodness. Let’s dig in, shall we? The Mego Wizard of…

Vintage Mego: Star Trek Aliens 2

The Romulan, The Andorian, Talos and Mugato these names are legendary to vintage mego collectors. This episode of Vintage Mego explores the second wave of Mego Star Trek Aliens. We talk about their origins, myths and future. Beam into it! #mego #megomuseum #startrek Issue 6 of Toy-Ventures Magazine is now available: http://www.plaidstallions.com/reboot/… For more on…

Mego Wave 15 Reveals

Mego Wave 15 Reveals. We’ve had a major influx of Mego reveals today, although many are subject to licensor approval. Many of these shots are quite welcome to purchasers of the Topps exclusive figures as they mostly appear to be distinctly different from those offerings. Comic Style Black Adam Planet of the Apes Brent

Mego Topps Figure Gallery

Mego Corp has released photos of the upcoming Topps figures due to arrive sometime in the next 60 days. These figures are highly anticipated and as you can see they vacillate between regular Mego bodies and the new “Bandless” MA24 style they’ve been touting. We at the MegoMuseum look forward to when these arrive and…

Mego Reveals at UK ToyFair!

Thanks to our new friend Neil Kenny at the Blast Process Channel (You should subscribe!) we’ve got some images from UK ToyFair and some surprises from the Mego booth including new monsters and a certain Queen. Very interesting!