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Vintage Mego : Greatest American Hero

This week’s episode delves into one of Mego’s most lamented licenses, the popular television series “The Greatest American Hero” we explore what did get released and what didn’t and how the heck did those prototypes get out there?   Subscribe to our YouTube channel www.megomuseum.com Written and hosted by Brian Heiler (@plaidstallions)

Mego Superheroes in Japan: Vintage Mego

As promised in this week’s toy ventures, we’re continuing our look at Japanese toys with a look at how the Mego Superheroes were distributed in Japan by Popy Toys. We also talk about character selection and why these specific three characters were chosen.   As a bonus here is our video on the Popy TV…

Mego Power Action Superman: Vintage Mego

Denys Fisher Power Action Superman

  This week we take a look at a personal “Holy grail” of mine that i recently managed to acquire. The Power Action Superman was produced in the United Kingdom for a toy company called “Denys Fisher” but the story behind its creation is an interesting one. More on Power Action Superman: Super Strength Superman…

Vintage Mego: Zorro by Palitoy Bradgate

  Vintage Mego this week explores a figure that is on a lot of collector’s want lists, from 1978 we present the Zorro figure made for the UK market by Palitoy Bradgate. We have a lot more questions than answers but that is part of the fun of collecting Mego! Check out the Mego Zorro…

Mego Superheroes: The fastest selling new toy for 1973!

  This ad from June of 1973 is one of the earliest we’ve found to feature the World’s Greatest Superheroes brand and look, they’re already selling like mad!   Please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwYta3nz_7FAzPvP8FPSgpg?view_as=subscriber   Shop for Mego on Ebay and each click supports us a little bit, thanks!  

Mego Gallery Upgrade: Joker US Cards

Collecting Mego Joker Figures is no laughing matter and we’re proud to announce that the MegoMuseum Joker Gallery now includes beautiful photos of all of the Clown Prince of Crime’s US cards from every wave.   Please Visit the MegoMuseum Joker Gallery here.   Shop for Mego on Ebay and each click supports us a…

UP CLOSE: Daredevil by Diamond Select Toys

DareDevil by Diamond Select Toys photo review by Mego Museum

DareDevil was another Marvel favorite that despite being created in the silver age, never got the 8 inch Mego treatment in the 1970s. To be fair, the character hadn’t quite had the media exposure that superheroic peers like the Hulk and Thor had at that point. Mego heads for the last 30 years or so,…