1976 Mego TV Promotion Schedule!

Olmo Giovannini sent in this wonderful piece of Mego history today for the Megomuseum ad archive today, the advertising Budget.

As you can see the really big money was on the Mego Star Trek Line with almost five times the budget that than the World’s Greatest Superheroes. I don’t ever recall seeing a commerical for the One Million BC line however…

Eight point three million bought a lof quality airtime across the country in 1976.

It’s a shame this doesn’t list the cartoons Mego advertised on but the local markets is cool too. Click here to see a listing of cartoons with commercials from 1977.

World’s Greatest Superheroes commercials ran year round according to this chart, whereas most of the other lines such as The Waltons would only see advertising in the fall/winter months..

You won’t want to miss the Megomuseum this Friday, we’ll be unveiling a really big thing. Trust me on this, it’s very cool.

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