Mego Walking Twiki Prototype

Mego prototype walking Twiki figure

This sales sample of the walking Twiki Figure, meant to go along with the 12″ Buck Rogers figure is a new addition to the Museum galleries. The figure is completely solid and does not have any moving parts, the label appears to be hand colored.

Mego prototype walking Twiki figure

Mego Designer Tory Mucaro happily elaborated on the process used to create this figure, the figure is made of Carbolon casting material which was used at Mego. He adds “I would guess the original pattern was sculpted on the outside, and we poured RTV molds and cast duplicates to be used as sales samples”

Mego prototype Twiki figure

This item was purchased from a former Mego sales rep, making it a sales sample.

Mego prototype Twiki figure

A close up of the feet shows the carbolon material.

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