Monday, May 22, 2006

Mego Commercials for a Monday

Courtesy of the prolific Bill (who just loooves to read his name here) we have another batch of Mego goodies, above is a series of Comic Action Heroes commercials.

But nothing compares to this commercial, everyone's favourite boardgame, Ballbuster.

The new Superman Returns trailer is being discussed, it seems to be looking good, nice to see so much "super merchandise" on the shelves.

The Microverse our board for discussion of 3 3/4" Mego lines, has a really cool new header. If you're like me and into Black Hole, Micronauts or Pocket Superheroes please drop in!

Roberto is asking folks what kind of toys he should bring to Megomeet. Kind of important as MegoMeet is coming very quickly, it's this June 2nd at the Toy and Train Museum in Wheeling WV. Hope to see you there.

The Megomeet Raffle will be announced this week and ticket sales for non attendees will be open for a five days prior to the meet. They will be cut off Thursday June 1, then it can only be open to attendees. Prizes include a carded Andorian!


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