Monday, May 15, 2006

Megotalk at the Mego Museum

Today's commercial is for the Palitoy Superheroes and can also be linked here.

MegoMeet News: We're trying to organize airport pick ups for Megomeet, flying in? Drop a line in the Mego Buzz.

Megomeet Raffle: We're gathering a Megomuseum Raffle at Megomeet, details are here.

So Sad to say Goodbye: Folks are raving over the last episode of Justice League Unlimited.

Exterminate: Folks are sounding off on David Tennant and the excellent second season of Doctor Who.

MegoMeet Contact: Again, if you need to discuss anything at all about attending Megomeet please do not use the email link for the website. Please contact co-poobah Dave at [email protected]


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