Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice.........

Today's commercial is for the Mego Hall of Justice Playset, which can also be clicked here.

Mego Buzz

Toyfare : There is some new Mego Content in this month's Toyfare, guess who supplied it?

Wow! The Mego Forums now have 900 members, when did that occur?

Mego Meet Raffle: We're having a raffle at Megomeet that will benefit the trading cards and non attendees can enroll.

Still looks Great: It's Yvonne Craig's Birthday today, Happy Birthday Batgirl.

Whoa! The guys are impressed with the new DC Direct 12" Flash

Cool Custom: Jon submitted this one I wish I had as a kid, Faces the Spy.

Read any Good Funny Books? A poster asks for Comic Book Recommendations.


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