Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mego Dinah Mite Catalog Spread

Thanks to the always cool Ben Holcombe, author of "World's Greatest Toys", we have a very cool peak at the 1973 Wards Catalog and the Mego Dinah Mite Selection.

This rare page features items such as the Campmobile and Don (who looks suspiciously like a certain Mego Superhero)

The Custom Mego Blog has chosen their Custom of the Week, these cool Blakes Seven figures are just a thing to behold. A close runner up would be this very nice Space Ghost Custom.

Thomas shows off his very cool Batgirl custom signed by none other than Yvonne Craig!

The cool site BubbleGum Fink has posted these incredible Omega Man trading cards which I wish were real.

Spiderman is going unmasked according to posters, Megoheads sound off on this brilliant idea.

An article about upcoming Superhero movies has posters telling their favourites and their fears.

Our own Megosteve is featured in MTV's four part Superman article.


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