After many requests we are pleased to open exhibits on Mego Pocket, Comic Action, and Bend n' Flex Heroes.

The Arendsen Wing of the Mego Museum

Scott Arendsen sent in most of the pictures to get this gallery started and really pushed for these tiny cousins of the World's Greatest Super Heroes to get their day. Thanks Scott! We've grown our appreciation on the 3 3/4" lines by leaps and bounds but there is still room for improvement. If you can help, please let me know.

Please our new and newly revised Mego small galleries, there have been recent editions to the Pocket Heroes, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Buck Rogers and the new Micronauts Gallery!

 Mego Pocket Super Heroes and vehicles  Mego Comic Action Heroes
 Mego Bend N Flex Heroes
 Mego Buck Rogers  Mego the Black Hole
 Mego Star Trek the Motion Picture
The greatest Mego line ever CB Mchaul The Mego Micronauts section also includes Interchangables and Lords of Light