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After the Star Wars explosion of the late 70's, licensing dynamo Mego wasn't going to be bested again. They backed any sci-fi project in the works, including Star Trek, Logans Run, Buck Rogers and Disney's the Black Hole.


The film was nowhere near as popular Star Wars (though probably just as expensive), but it left a pile of high quality merchandising from Mego. It sold poorly and was ended abruptly, creating a number of rarities.


One of the toylines biggest failures was its reliance on the human characters over the robots. Old B.O.B was easily more popular than any human character, but he wasn't in the first wave.

The 3 3/4 " line was extremely well made, utilising figure knowledge gleaned from Takara and Mego Micronauts. Mego made the Black Hole figures above industry standard with amazing articulation.


The Human Good Guys from Black Hole were peg warmers

Dr Kate, Dr. Durant, Charlie Pizer, Dan Holland, and Harry Booth.

It's interesting to note that the Sentry has hands derived from the Micronauts Time Traveller figures

Sentry, Maximillion, and Reinhardt; the baddies.

The Humanoid is one of the toughest Mego figures to find MOC

The Big 3: Old B.O.B, S.T.A.R and the Humanoid

The "Big Three" were blown away in Canadian Sears and K-Mart outlets for $1.00, probably the three best figures in the series. It's a shame Mego released them last.

The US Black Hole Cards are very similiar to the Canadian Grand Toys cards, the most notable difference is the language and the lack of the characters name on the Canadian Card

Carded Humans courtesy of Michael Farence.

The GIG Italy cards are much more dynamic and attractive than their US counterparts

Carded Robots courtesy of Michael Farence.

Loose pics by BraIn.

In Italy, Gig repackaged the Mego Buck Rogers Laser Scope and gave you a free Captain Holland.

Unproduced Black Hole Cygnus playset utilized the Vacuform style playset that Mego was doing in the late 70's much like the Mego Buck Rogers Space Port and Mego Pocket Heroes Batcave. The Cygnus was also pitched as a vinyl playcase.

As a fan of the Black Hole, it often bothers me this was never made. I think 10 year old Brian would have loved it to death.

The prototype for this piece apparently showed up in Italy.

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