CB McHaul was introduced by Mego in 1977, the name was patterned after country musician C.W McCall, whose number one hit "Convoy" had become an anthem for the CB Craze.


A National Craze didn't help when it came to orders at retail CB never really took off and is hard to come by.


Mego CB McHaul cards are similiar to the Comic Action heroes

For the figures, mego reused the three-inch body style of the comic action heroes. While eight-inch figures were still flourishing, mego knew three-inch was the best size for a line that was selling 18-wheelers. The packaging also harked back to the CAH line, blue cards with the figure standing on a base in the middle.

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Yet another Mego Prototype: The only known shot of the unproduced CB Mchaul Wrecker Vehicle.

The original CB McHaul commercials probably didn't see airtime but here it is for posterity.