The World's Greatest Super-Knights are one of my personal favorites. I had no idea these figures existed in the first place, and they are DELUXE Mego offerings! Being characters in the public domain Mego could spend more money on accessories and detailing, and are therefore among their best work in the 8 inch scale. Demand has increased substantially for the Mego Knights (as well as the Mego Robin Hood and Pirates ) series. Sorry to also contribute to the phenomena, but they must be shared. Due to their widespread appeal many fine boxed examples are available as more adult collectors acquired them. Produced only in boxes (1975-76) they feature wonderful detailing and design. A Camelot playset was planned, but not produced. It was later used as the Witches castle exclusive for the WOZ line. Mego Guenivere was never produced but the Jousting Horse has surfaced in Europe.

 Mego King Arthur


King Arthur comes with a silver chromed crown, faux fur-lined cape, crest-embossed plastic yellow belt, sun symbol necklace and broadsword. Uses same head as Mego Buffalo Bill, but his brown hair. Arthur's shoes are brown versions of Robin's slippers.

Mego SwordThis is the broadsword common to Arthur, Lancelot, and Galahad.

Mego King Arthur MIB

Beautiful MIB Arthur provided by Paul Moya

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