Buffalo Bill Cody

The famous Western showman got a deluxe treatment from Mego, complete with rifle, six gun and a great outfit.

Mego reused Bill's headsculpt for King Arthur in the Super Knights line and in Italy for the Tex Willer line of figures where he was the comic character Kit Carson



The box for Buffalo Bill is just as impressive as the rest.

Mego Buffalo Bill Cody Checklist

White hat, Rifle, Holster and Pistol

Tunic, Tights, Boots


Variations on outfits aren't just for Soldier Apes anymore, here are the two types of Buffalo Bills, both pulled from solid boxes.


Buffalo Bill also came on a Kresge card and later a Lionrock card.

LionRock carded Buffalo Bill is rarely seen, according to Ron (the owner who donated this fine pic) he has a Robin Hood Dagger instead of his regular Mego knife..


Davey Crocket Buffalo Bill Sitting Bull Wyatt Earp Cochise

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