Light the Bat Signal! New Limited Edition Bat-Pack from Figures Toy Company!

Even the Caped Crusader has to call for backup sometimes! Now Figures Toy Company is doing their part to help keep the streets of Gotham City safe by making two of Batman’s greatest allies available in an exclusive set! Both Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon are ready to join the war on crime thanks to FTC’s new Limited Edition Bat-Signal pack!

Only 50 of these sets are being released, featuring two loyal members of Batman’s inner circle along with a fully functioning Bat-Signal accessory. Not only are father and daughter paired together for the first time in a Figures Toy Company release, but this version of Commissioner Gordon is an exclusive edition that will only be available as part of this set! Gordon is shown here in a brown suit, which differs from previous FTC releases that feature him in his trademark trench coat. In addition to the limited production, each of the sets were individually numbered as soon as they came off the assembly line!

Let the sky light up with the Bat-Signal and prepare Batman’s friends to join the fight! Order your Exclusive Bat-Signal Set featuring Batgirl & the new Commissioner Gordon figure at Figures Toy Company before it’s too late! For more of Batman’s famous friends and foes, as well as other DC Comics favorites, be sure to browse the wide array of offerings over at FTC! New Three Stooges, Monkees, and KISS figures are just a few of the figures now available, and don’t forget about upcoming releases like the new Wonder Woman line and the Catwoman figures from the Batman Classic TV Series! For more information on your favorite retro figures, use #MMFTCNEWS on social media for exclusive updates that you’ll only get from Mego Museum and Figures Toy Company!

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