Megohead of the Month for February is Nayrbgo

Museum Handle: nayrbgo

First Name? Bryan

Do you have a website or a blog? I do. I gather my various strands of activity at and I have an endless project of my wacked upside the head creative vision over at

Where do you hail from? I am one of a rare breed of local Santa Monica kids out here on the Left Coast.

How did you find the Megomuseum? Suckerman brought me to the halls of the Mego Museum. I decided to have a Suckerman again, got hooked into some old 70s toys commercial youtube flicks, and sure enough I found the pie. I’ve been partaking very heavily ever since.

What inspired you to join the forum? After just a few minutes of poking around in the forums, looking for some information about this or that, it just became clear to me that I had found a nice bunch of people that were perhaps wilder than me about toys from yesteryear. I didn’t take me long to be on the forums every day. The customs really got me right in my zany vibe, and thus was born my Kitbash Krew.

What is your favorite Mego line? I can’t get enough of the WGSH, but I would have to name the Fist Fighters, Magnetic Batman and Robin, and of course the Ledys (but I really would name all non-USA MEGOs here!).

Happiest Mego Memory? My brother and I used to take our cars and figures and play all around the house. We came up with a song that we sang over and over again. Great happy times of growing up together.

What’s one item in your collection your most proud of? Proud as punch about my Ledy Batchica and my MOC case fresh Klingon and Kirk, of course,

What’s the one thing you’re hunting for in 2009?
I’m hunting for foreign MEGOs in their original packaging. Call me crazy.

Any other hobbies, collections?
I’m a Garbage Pail Kid, a REMCO kid, and if you must know, I have a weakness for diecast cars.

Any words of wisdom for beginning collectors?
If it looks dirty, you can probably clean it. If it costs too much, you are probably undervaluing it. If it is going cheap, then don’t tell anyone until it’s in your hands.

Thanks Bryan, check back each month for a new Megohead profile….