top 5 Mego packaging styles

Mego is known for it's exciting and vibrant packaging styles but we at the museum were curious to see what is regarded as "the Best", so we put it to a vote on the boards, the results may surprise you. Here is the Megomuseum top five.

Fist Fighter Packaging ranked the lowest on our countdown but it's most likely due to the limited shelf time the line had (one Year) as opposed to it being about their quality. The Fist Fighting packaging is dynamic and vibrant, as one member jokingly put it "there's two extra panels to put pretty pictures.".

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#4 Solid Boxes


Solid Boxed items such Superheroes were extremely short run pieces, so their appeal is also limited by rarity. Mego released solid boxes for the first four heroes, the Western Heroes and the Mad Monsters. Quite possibly the Monsters best illustrate the power of the solid box, having some of the most eye catching artwork Mego produced. As one member puts it about the Solid Boxes "[it s] purely because of the art work"

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#3 Kresge Cards


It doesn't take much to figure out the appeal of the Kresge Card, even if you never saw one as a child, it's the best of both worlds."The Kresge card kind of gives you a taste of the standard cards and the window boxes" explains one Forum Member, he adds "The entire figure can be seen inside the bubble and is front and center on the card [and] the character specific artwork on the back of the card is fantastic. Mego produced these elongated cards for the Worlds Greatest Superheroes line, Mad Monsters and Western Heroes although they're best known for the Super People.

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#2 Blister Cards

mego Blister cards

Everything from Star Trek to Dukes of Hazzard sawe release on a blister card, so it's not surprising that many would find this style of packaging their favorite. "I love the figure being mostly visable through the bubble" explains one forum member which explains some of their appeal but one of the more popular reasons seems to be nostalagia, " Those are the type of cards that my Mego's came on" was a common thread and who can argue with that?

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#1 Window Boxes

Mego Window Boxes

The hands down winner in this popularity contest, Mego Window boxes not only have the appeal of nostalgia and a great view of the figure but also has a little something more. As one Museum forum member puts it, the strengths of the Window box are that they are "Compact, has art on the back, figures could be taken out and put back ". Having your cake and eating it too makes a big difference in this world. Windo boxes were not exclusive to Superheroes but to most of the Mego Legends lines as well as Planet of the Apes , the window boxes are the best of the Mego best. .

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Agree or disagree with this article? Want to make your own personal top five? Visit the MegoMuseum Forums and have your say.