Mego Museum Scarcity Index

Disclaimer: This scale refers to loose, complete figures in c8 or better condition
with absolutely no reproductions.

Removable Mask RobinSecret Identity Clark KentAquaman vs. The Great White Shark Playset
Secret Identity Bruce WayneSecret Identity Dick GraysonSecret Identity Peter ParkerSupergirl - Silkscreen Outfit VariationThe Green Arrow Car
Catwoman - Silkscreen Outfit Variation with Flesh LegsTeen Titans SpeedyTeen Titans Wonder GirlBatman's Wayne Foundation PlaysetBatman's Mobile Bat LabJokermobile
Circle Suit Spiderman - VariationCatwoman - Silkscreen Outfit Variation with Blue LegsBatgirl - Silkscreen Outfit VariationWonder Woman - Silkscreen Outfit with Large StarsTeen Titans Kid FlashTeen Titans Aqualad
SupergirlFist Fighting SupermanFist Fighting Captain AmericaThe Amazing Spider-carCaptain Americar
Green ArrowFist Fighting LizardFist Fighting Spider-manConanBatgirl
ThorRemovable Cowl BatmanSupervator PlaysetHall of Justice Playset
CatwomanMr. Mxyzptlk - Smirking VersionIsisGreen GoblinCaptain AmericaShazam
Lizard Aquaman Fist Fighting Riddler Fist Fighting Batman Batcave Playset Batcycle - Black Version
Fist Fighting JokerFist Fighting RobinIron ManTarzanRiddlerInvisible Girl
Superman Wonder Woman Mr. Fantastic Batman Batcopter Batcycle - Blue Version
Mr. MxyzptlkPenguinHuman TorchBatmobile


Space:1999 Alan CarterPlanet of the Apes General Ursus - Burgundy Variant
Space:1999 Paul MorrowSpace:1999  Captain KoenigStar Trek Mission to Gamma VI PlaysetPlanet of the Apes Soldier Ape - Silver VariantDoctor Who Dalek
Star Trek RomulanStar Trek AndorianStar Trek MugatoStar Trek Talosian
Doctor Who Cyberman
Doctor Who Tardis PlaysetFlash Gordon
Images not available: Star Trek Transporter Room,
Planet of the Apes Horse and Catapult and Wagon set,
Doctor Who K-9
Space:1999 Captain ZantorSpace:1999 Mysterious AlienStar Trek Telescreen ConsolePlanet of the Apes Soldier Ape - Maroon VariantPlanet of the Apes Cornelius - Brown Variant
Planet of the Apes Zira - Brown VariantPlanet of the Apes Fortress PlaysetDoctor Who Giant RobotDoctor Who Leela
Flash Gordon Dale Arden Flash Gordon Dr. Zarkov Flash Gordon Ming the Merciless Flash Gordon Playset
Star Trek NeptunianStar Trek Gorn Planet of the Apes Soldier Ape - Lizard Variant Planet of the Apes General Ursus
Planet of the Apes General Urko
Planet of the Apes Village Playset Planet of the Apes Forbidden Zone Trap Playset
Star Trek CheronStar Trek Keeper Planet of the Apes Astronaut Planet of the Apes Soldier Ape
Planet of the Apes Catapult and Wagon
Planet of the Apes Treehouse PlaysetDoctor Who
Image not available: Planet of the Apes Action Stallion
Star Trek Mr. Scott (Scottie)Star Trek Lt. UhuraStar Trek Dr. McCoy (Bones)Planet of the Apes Peter Burke
Planet of the Apes Alan Verdon
Planet of the Apes Battering RamPlanet of the Apes Throne
Image not available: Planet of the Apes Jail
Star Trek Mr. SpockStar Trek Captain KirkStar Trek KlingonStar Trek Enterprise Playset
Planet of the Apes Dr. Zaius
Planet of the Apes ZiraPlanet of the Apes Cornelius/Galen

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