The Heroes World and Comic Book Ad Archive

Back in the 1970's comic books seemed to serve two purposes.

1. To fill our heads with adventure (or romance, I guess)

2. To sell us on the new toys that were out there.

The King of Toy Advertising in comics had to be the New Jersey based chain Heroes World. A giant of mail-marketing, Heroes World produced their own four colour comic style catalogs filled with ads beautifully drawn by the Joe Kubert school of art.

Heroes World Catalogs were coveted among children then as they are with collectors today. Before the internet, before Toyshop, these were the only documents that showed you full lines and products created by Mego. For many of us, this was as close as we got to some of Mego's product!

Many thanks to Mike J and Chris Franklin for these scans and info. Mike has some interesting notes about these catalogs that I will slowly be adding to these pages, so always, stay tuned for updates!

Mego Black Hole

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