The Mego CB McHaul Bad Guys


Everybody needs an enemy and CB had three.


Above are Joe Marconi (Two Tons of Trouble!) Bad Leroy (The One Eyed Whopper (!?) and Prof Braine (The Mad Mastermind) Two of these guys would be retooled in Jimmy Squeaks and Wheels Willy, bad guys for the Mego Chips line..


original Mego line artwork of CB and the gang

Ah the Seventies when 3 guys in leather vests could travel in something called the "Bear Masher" and be thought of as tough guys..

The Bear Masher came with a secret trap compartment and a battering ram. Oddly enough the sales material says they also stole it, from who? According to former Grand Toys Sales Manager Charles Marshall, the Bear Masher was loosely based on the rig in the Steven Spielberg movie "Duel".

Instead of a Loud Speaker the Bear Masher came with two figures, Bad Leroy and Prof Braine.

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