Mego Tex Willer

Mego Tiger Jack is the easiest figure to find in the line

Mego Tiger Jack

Tiger Jack is Tex Willer's faithful Navajo companion, so there are no villains in the line at all.

The Mego Tiger Jack Figure like all in the Tex Willer line, cleverly reuses existing Mego parts from the American West line, but it's done in a way that it doesn't interfere with an accurate depiction of the character. The MTiger Jack head was also used for the American West Cochise as were his weapons and, shoes and feather (although Tiger Jacks feather is beautifully painted). Tiger Jack's top is based on Davey Crocket but the frilled pants are somewhat unique.

One of the most used Mego heads, the Tiger Jack head was known as Cochise here in the states

Kit Carson's head sculpt was reused more than once at Mego

The Tex Willer packaging is easily one of the most striking in all of Mego's lines

The Mego Tiger Jack packaging shows him carrying a rifle, unlike Kit Willer, Tiger Jack came with a rifle.

The original Tex Willer box Art from the collection of Rudy Zerbi

Holy Cow Dept: Courtesy of Super Collector Rudy Zerbi we have the original Mego Kit Willer Box art as drawn by Galep. Truly one of the cooler discoveries of the last ten years. Many thanks to Rudy for sharing this wonderful piece of Mego history.

Tiger Jack Checklist

Green Top / Orange Frilled Trousers

Headband with Feather

2 Moccasins

1 knife (same as Cochise)

Rifle (same as Cochise)

Click on the Pic below to see Tex Willer in the 1975 Mego Baravelli Catalog


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