Mego Tex Willer

The Tex Willer Line

Photos above courtesy Giorgio Favaretto.

1974 shot from the Baravelli Catalog, featuring Tex and Crew jumping off the comic page, more shots of Mego Catalogs are available in the Mego Library

Girorgio is a great Mego fan in Italy, where these figures were released by Mego in 1974 under the Bavarelli name. Another example of the Mego/Lion Rock sales agent in Europe creating product specifically for the European distributors and their market. Tex Willers were based on a widely popular Italian comic book and are distinguished by their bright graphic colors taken for the comics. For me personally, these are very desirable Megos and their great design and color blow away the Mego American West Cowboys. Who would look better with your Heros? Yellow and orange cowboys or BEIGE cowboys?

The line makes full use of pre-existing Mego parts. Bruce Wayne as Tex, Cochise as Tiger Jack, The POTA Astronaut as Kit Willer (Tex's son) , and Buffalo Bill as Kit Carson. Action Jackson Cowboy hats for the guys, and the usual assortment of six shooters, rifles, boots and moccassins.

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The Tex Willer Display box from Baravelli mirrors that of the MEgo WGSH Display boxes

The Baravelli Tex Willer Store Display is a work of art, it's unknown if any survived (but a man can dream!) For more Store Displays check out The Mego Museum WGSH Store Displays Gallery

Baravelli promoted the Tex Willer line along with Action Jackson in this 1974 ad

Excellent Italian Ad courtesy of Albert, this series of Baravelli ads always had Action Jackson involved with the other Mego licensed characters, you can view them all at The Mego Action Jackson Ad Gallery