Preview: The 1980 Pedigree Toys Catalog

1980 Pedigree Toys Catalog World's Greatest Superheroes

1980 Pedigree Toys Catalog

A sneak peak of one of our upcoming updates is the World’s Greatest Superheroes assortment available to the United Kingdom in 1980. If you’re keeping count, that means the WGSH had three distributors in Great Britain starting with Cecil Coleman in 1974 (Coleman also carried “Johnny Jackson“) famously moving to Palitoy in the mid 1970s and settling back to Pedigree (who created the popular GI Joe competitor “Tommy Gun”) in 1980.

While the vast majority of the Mego items that Pedigree brought to the United Kingdom was US packaging pasted with their logo , no known examples of carded WGSH with said logo have come across our desk.

Pedigree carried a large variety of Mego items for 1980 including Black Hole, Star Trek:The Motion Picture, 2-XL, Pocket Superheroes, Diecast Superheroes and of course the WGSH. Look for it, this October at the Mego Museum Catalog Library (which already has an exhaustive collection of catalogs).


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