Die-Cast and Magnetic Super Heroes

Only the "Big Four" characters were produced for these lines, The Diecast figures seemed to sell well, Mego Packaging for this line has been found from Canada,Italy, the UK and Germany. The diecast figures were 5.5 inches tall and were marketed as "Limited edition" no doubt to interest collectors which may have been one of the first times a toy company thought to attract action figure collectors.

The Magnetic figures were produced in Italy only and released by GIG ( who also did innovative things with Mego lines such as The Black Hole Micronauts and Eagle Force) although a prototype for the US cards has surfaced, Mego had attempted to launch them stateside.

These 7" tall figures have a crossover popularity with both Mego, Superhero and Micronaut collectors and remain difficult to find packaged. The artwork used for the cards was also used for the Elastic Heroes and Pocket Hero Denim Cards

This very cool GIG ads for the Mego Magnetic and diecast heroes are courtesy of Stefano

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