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Figures Toy Company announces 12″ Type S figures

Over the past couple of years, Figures Toy Company has produced a variety of new items in their trademark retro figure style, from a variety of new heads and accessories to a more articulated body style for their DC Comics retro figures. Customizers have had a great time checking out FTC’s ClassicTVToys.com website and finding ways to…

Mego Head of the Month: Kevin Fiore

Our Mego Collector spotlight for September is a name a lot of people will recognize because he’s been one of the most positive people in the Hobby and is truly having fun with this. Ladies and gentleman, Kevin Fiore. Name: Kevin Fiore aka Bronxboykev on the Mego Museum aka #Keviemas365 according to my brother and…

Mego Head of the Month: Vincent Cerbone

Our Mego Collector spotlight for August is a name a lot of people will recognize because he’s been part of the community in its many forms since the dawn of the interwebs. Vincent Cerbone not only has a breathtaking collection of unique items but also, he has been behind many jaw-dropping discoveries not only in…

Mego 50th Anniversary WGSH revealed

From tonight’s Live stream in Mego Ambassadors, here are the factory samples of the Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes figures, hitting stores this fall. Green Lantern was a nice surprise, also it was mentioned that Supergirl will be joining them with a peace belt! https://ee.toys/9GBWFM

Mego Reveals at SDCC2022

San Diego- Mego Corp has shared some neat sneak peeks via a live stream in the Mego Ambassadors FaceBook group. Several new figures revealed (likely Diamond Exclusives), including Red Son Superman, Flash Point Batman and The Red Hood. The belle of the ball however would be the reveal of the first five Mego World’s Greatest…

Mego reveals Ghostface from Scream

mego scream

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” The iconic Ghostface is making his Megoverse debut!  We are thrilled to be able to bring this fan favorite to the ranks of our star-studded Horror line up! Ghostface’s popularity has cemented his place among the all-time Horror greats! The “Voice” can now stand tall alongside your other Mego Horror…

Lady Grim Reaper from White Elephant Toyz

White Elephant Toyz shares their next Murderous Maidens figure following up from Lilith, Lady Grim Reaper. She will come with rooted hair and beautiful make-up on one side and will look dark and scary on the other. She will come with a hooded cloak and a custom scythe.

Mego Wave 15 Reveals

Mego Wave 15 Reveals. We’ve had a major influx of Mego reveals today, although many are subject to licensor approval. Many of these shots are quite welcome to purchasers of the Topps exclusive figures as they mostly appear to be distinctly different from those offerings. Comic Style Black Adam Planet of the Apes Brent

Mego Reveals at UK ToyFair!

Thanks to our new friend Neil Kenny at the Blast Process Channel (You should subscribe!) we’ve got some images from UK ToyFair and some surprises from the Mego booth including new monsters and a certain Queen. Very interesting!