Up Close: Deadpool

Deadpool by Diamond Select Toys Mego Style

MegoMuseum reviews the Diamond Select Toys Deadpool Set

When first announced by Diamond Select Toys, Deadpool raised a few eyebrows in the Mego community as he’s the first character to get the Mego treatment that was created post Mego.

However, all reservations were proven unfounded (the hit movie likely didn’t hurt) as the Mutant merc with a mouth seems to be quite the hit with toy collectors.

Mego Deadpool

Mego Museum Review of Deadpool from Diamond Select Toys

As with all Mego Museum Up Close Photo Reviews, we’ve opened this set up and taken a weath of pictures to give an idea of what’s in store. All photos were taken with absolutely no alterations made to anything and all figures are displayed on the body that came with the original set.

I’m sorry to say our regular sponsor Entertainment Earth is pre-sold out but thankfully some sets seem to be on Ebay.

Check out the whole thing below and see if it’s for you!