Up Close: The Monkees (Part One)

Mego Monkees figures

Mego Style Monkees Photo Review

Re-runs of The Monkees  were an afternoon staple for many a 70s kid (self included) growing up, so naturally, we were delighted when Figures Toy Company announced that the first ever Monkees action figures would be in the Mego style.
So we’re a bit giddy here at the MegoMuseum to have all three sets of Monkees figures in hand for upclose photo reviews. We’ve broken the review into two parts, look for part 2 in the coming days.


Mike Nesmith Mego

This Up close Photo Review was sponsored by the good people at Entertainment Earth, who are currently offering the Monkees figures here with FREE SHIPPING. You can follow them on Twitter @EntEarth and using the hashtag #ICollectatEE makes them smile.

CONTEST: I’m happy to also announce that we’ll be giving away a Monkee’s figure from these reviews in our newsletter starting this Friday. All you have to do to win is be a subscriber. Sign up here.

That being said, like all Mego Museum Up Close Photo Reviews, the real proof is the photos, take a look for yourself and see!

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