Weird Bootleg Mego Vending Machine Stickers


Recently on an episode of Toy Ventures, we looked at a book containing a child’s sticker book from the mid-1970s. Among these were an oddity known to some collectors, these strange bootleg stickers of Mego Figures from Star Trek and Planet of the Apes.

Mego Zira Planet of the Apes Sticker

These full-figure stickers are about six inches tall and, like Zira above, are pretty much just made up of nice photos of the Mego Planet of the Apes figures.

Mego Planet of the Apes Cornelius Figure

Cornelis above has his Tunic on backwards, I have no idea why. There is also a Dr. Zaius and Mego Astronaut sticker available. Smaller versions of the Mego Apes stickers were also available as well as pendant necklaces.

Mego Star Trek Klingon Vending Machine Sticker

When it comes to the Mego Star Trek series, it’s a curious mix of the Mego figures and real people. The Klingon above is the only one in the range that is just a photo of an action figure.


Lt. Uhura is a promotional photo from the series.

Mego Star Trek Dr. McCoy Vending Machine Sticker

Dr. McCoy had a Mego body and a human head, man, that’s unsettling.

Captain Kirk Sticker uses another famous stock photo as does Mr. Spock
Mego Star Trek Sulu Vending Machine Sticker

This is the closest we got to a Mr. Sulu figure in the 1970s.

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