The Top 5 Underrated Mego Action Figure Lines

Regarding the figure lines produced by Mego Corp., we all have our favourites, and it’s safe to assume that the World’s Greatest Superheroes, Planet of the Apes, Micronauts and Star Trek will always cram that top 5.

But what about all the other toy lines Mego created? Indeed there are a few underappreciated entries in that pantheon. Here’s the Mego Museum’s take on the 5 underrated Mego Action Figure lines.

#5: CB McHaul (1977-1978)

CB McHaul was created to cash in on the Citizen’s Band radio craze of the mid-70s, which turned out to be a short-lived fad.

As a result, the line enjoyed modest sales before it was discontinued in 1978. That’s a shame because it’s a well-made line full of fun vehicles with action features.

Sadly, anything with “CB” in the title feels dated, even today, but Mego did a great job with these little guys and those that like it, like it a lot.

#4: Mego Bend ‘N Flex Superheroes

The Mego Bend ‘N Flex Superheroes were some of the earliest Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes merchandise, debuting in 1974 with a full roster that mimicked their 8″ Counter Parts.
Sculpted by Gene Salamacha, who did everything from the original World’s Greatest Superheroes to Captain Kirk, these extraordinary lower-cost versions are a joy to behold.
There are even multiple card variations to this line but do we, as collectors, ever talk about them? Not often.

Just at look at how BEAUTIFUL this Mego Batgirl card is.

Interest seems low in line with some of the most eye-popping packaging ever, some of which transcends the WGSH; just sayin’….

#3: Mego Eagle Force

Mego’s Eagle Force line is often thought of as a rip-off of Hasbro’s GI Joe: Real American Hero series.

One small problem is that the lines came out simultaneously, and you can only rip off what you can see.
Also, Eagle Force boasts being able to say that they were the first action figure line in history to include a Ninja. So there’s that.

Fabricated in diecast metal, this well-made line had an ambitious back story by Paul Kirchner that shows how much fun they were having. Eagle Force was a hit for Mego, but it was too little, too late for the company due to other external factors.

#2: Our Gang (1976)

Mego Our Gang

The Hal Roach “Our Gang” shorts were a long-running staple of independent kid’s shows across the nation in the 1970s; I got my fix during “Commander Tom” WKBW back in the day.

Mego took a shot with an ambitious line of action figures based on the iconic characters, which meant tooling a new body and some rather creative vehicles and playsets.

And it didn’t sell.

Maybe they should have called it “The Little Rascals,” but one thing is for sure, it wasn’t because they were poorly made.

#1: Mego Flash Gordon (1978)

This single-year line is, dare I say it? Mego’s finest accomplishment as a toy company.

The amount of detail and love put into this 10″ line of action figures could only have been curated by a fan of the Alex Raymond comic strip; it’s that good.

Each figure is perfect with detailed sculpts, beautifully made costumes and a fantastic abundance of accessories for a Mego line. Yet, all we hear is, “I wish they were 8-inch figures!”

Mego Flash Gordon

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Top 5 Underrated Mego Action Figure lines