Dorothy and Toto (Item No. 51500/1)

Dorothy and Toto

Dorothy and Toto (Item No. 51500/1): The first in the line of Wizard of Oz figures, this item recreates the characters of Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) and Toto (Terry) from the film.  Dorothy comes on a standard female Mego body (jointed knees and elbows) cast in pink flesh.  Her outfit is comprised of a blue and white gingham dress, white panties, white socks, and her signature red ruby slippers.  Her rooted brown hair comes braided in pigtails with a yellow ribbon and rubber band on the end of each.  Her only two accessories are her yellow basket and her dog, Toto (one solid piece molded in gray with a painted-red tongue).

Package Variants: Like all of the other first series figures (except the Wizard), Dorothy is available in both the "plain green" and "yellow brick road" boxes.  She was also available in a plastic header-carded baggie for clearance purposes (a rare end-run variant), as well as being included in the ultra-rare Emerald City Gift Set (along with the other six figures form series one).

Figure Variants: Dorothy has two different designs for her ruby slippers and her dress buttons (discussed below).

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Dorothy's panties are the same as those of Isis from the World's Greatest Super-Heroes! line, and her shoes are the same style as Glinda's shoes (only in red instead of pink).  Also, Dorothy shares virtually the same box insert as the Wizard (the only difference being the Item No. printed on the cardboard).  Dorothy and Glinda share the same female body, cast in the same pink flesh.

Caution Collectors: Be careful of the yellow ribbons tied to the end of the braids.  The ribbons are extremely short--once one becomes untied, it's hell trying to get it re-bowed, and you'll typically end up fraying the ends in the process.  Also, make sure that any loose Dorothy that you acquire has her panties, since they are often removed to aid in completing a loose Isis figure.

Did You Know?: Due to her unique and sturdy hairstyle, Dorothy is one of the only rooted-hair Megos that does not come with the otherwise-standard clear plastic "hair-sleeve."   

Dorothy Box Variant One ("Plain Green")     Dorothy Box Insert     Dorothy Box Variant Two ("Yellow Brick Road")

Click on the icons above to view detailed scans of Dorothy's Box Variants and Box Insert!

Dorothy's Shoe Variants

Dorothy's shoes were made in two styles, as can be seen in the image above.  The first was smaller and narrower, rather translucent, not as detailed, and had a waxy sheen (left).  This first style is identical to the style of shoe that came standard on Glinda, the Good Witch (in red, of course, instead of pink).  The second was larger and wider, opaque, more detailed (especially in the buckle area), and had a very glossy sheen (right).  The first pair usually feel sort of brittle and thin, whereas the second pair are thicker and feel more like rubber or vinyl.  Neither is particularly rarer than the other.

Dorothy's Button Variants

Dorothy's buttons were made in two styles, as can be seen in the image above.  The first buttons were slightly smaller and were a solid, opaque-white plastic (left).  The second style was a little larger and cast in clear (or a slightly milky-clear) plastic (right).  Neither is particularly rarer than the other.

Dorothy and Toto mint-in-box     Dorothy and Toto mint-in-box

Above is an example of a mint-in-box Dorothy with small ruby slippers and white buttons in a "plain green" box (left), and a mint-in-box Dorothy with large ruby slippers and clear buttons in a "yellow brick road" box (right).

Catalog Box for Dorothy and Toto

Above is an example of a catalog mailer box for the Dorothy figure.

Catalog Box for Dorothy and Toto

Above is another example of a catalog mailer box for the Dorothy figure (perhaps the "C" denotes a Canadian release?).